About us

When Mauro Sarzi, a 5th generation puppeteer, asked us to work on Ernesto Rossi and his love for puppet theatre, we couldn’t imagine that from that first creative spark a large project such as ESTO would have ensued. The Sarzi family carries on an outstanding work with children, stimulating their appreciation of the themes of democracy, freedom and tolerance. This is done through the use of puppets, which have proven to be an extraordinary pedagogical tool.
With the Sarzi family we have produced the documentary  “The words of Ventotene”. It was a demanding task, both in terms of historical research and filmic production. Many people have believed in it since the start, giving us support and courage, each one with its means. Thus a large family was born, a family linked to the values of a united Europe. The same values that the Ventotene Manifesto proposed in 1941, and that are not yet completely fulfilled.

Together we intend to continue until this necessary project becomes a reality. As ESTO grows, especially through distribution in the schools, the ideal connection with our supporters gets stronger. We thank them all.

The authors Marco Cavallarin, Marco Mensa, Elisa Mereghetti