the project

Europe, multiculturalism, memory, narrative… These are some of the key concepts that every teacher in our times needs to address. How to involve students? How to spark discussion and awareness of the origins of a united Europe? How to transmit those values of freedom, democracy, tolerance, which form an integral part of the European unification process, to the young generations?

ESTO is an educational project aimed at Italian and European schools, intending to spread knowledge about the Ventotene Manifesto’s contents and the contribution given by Ernesto Rossi to this fundamental document and to the creation of a project for a united Europe. The ideas of a federation of Europe, cancellation of borders, overcoming nationalisms, and defense of peace expressed in the Ventotene Manifesto are more essential today than ever.


To give a contribution to this debate, and to the teachers who in their daily work address these issues, we have created the documentary film THE WORDS OF VENTOTENE, which will be made available to those educators who will request to screen it in their classrooms.


By the way: ESTO was the epithet with which Ernesto Rossi signed his letters to his relatives…