Ernesto Rossi

Ernesto Rossi, nicknamed “Esto”, (Caserta,1897 - Firenze, 1967) was a challenging intellectual, always against the current. A man still somewhat unknown to the larger public. He was an antifascist, one of the founders of the Giustizia e Libertà movement, a member of the Partito d’Azione, a European federalist and a radical. He was a valued economist, a brilliant columnist, a writer, a gifted graphic artist. And a lover of puppet theatre. 
In his lifetime Rossi stood against powerful enemies, against fascism, against nationalisms, against warmongers in WW2. He made his voice of dissent heard even when few people shared his path. He maintained his intellectual integrity during incarceration, confinement, and after the war, when he continued his political and social activity, always maintaining his independence and his free thought. 

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